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Axis Of A Heart

A solitary word shifts the axis of a heart
A gentle kiss from your supple lips realighs

Unyielding Teacher

With great suffering comes remarkable insight
One need not seek it, for it is inevitable
Perhaps never constant, yet always an unyielding teacher
It penetrates the entire being,
demands much from the soul,
taxes the intellect,
launches the heart on a seesaw journey

Brown-leaf Mist

On a meloncholia
brown-leaf mist
rests an ever-unsettled
fettered imagining
fragments of light
shed unasked hope
will never be
found in this 
world, so I
seek it 
Still branches
this pleasant scent
promises more
bare-foot traipsing
shattered concete
You belong
to another.

No Title

Hyperbole and 
bravado reign
and unfounded

Homage to Eve

Four more years
of the war pigs
Where have all
the naive gone
Blossoming like
flowers in
the barren
one after another
they reappear
in new unheard forms
unimaginable fate
for the decaying
artificial components
pump mishued blood
through twisted
unrecognizable to 
the callow and
The morning
the seeker
is dead
ideals have
firm ground
is established

The Trauma of Existence, The Trauma of Birth

Being with a woman
is a treat
a wonder
to behold
pause and
breathe in
the sustenance
hoped to
be offered
no substitute
no conception
can fathom
this sweet
slow to
long ignored
waiting for no one
a wave
of sound
her voice
once forgotten
leaves flutter
hearts shutter
sadness settles
Sisyphus teaches
desire unfulfilled
nihilist dream
shopping lists of visions extinguished
digging in the earth and filling it in
alienists clueless
sad lamentations
forlorn puppet
improvement is futility
born to die
empiricists mantra
to recognize her is to
see all else
left with never enough

This Writer's Lunch

sadness settles
sisyphus teaches
desire unfulfilled
nothing resolved
nihilist dream
shopping lists of visions extinguished
digging in the earth and filling it in

Ode to Gimpy McGee

Resting beneath
her bodhi-tree
imagining my fellow
we taunt
one another
we bow
to one another
we earn
patience together

Homage to Hesse

This existential metaphysics
has me all a-gloamin'
Murky depths and dizzying
pinnacles keep me a-reelin'
Letters of veiled insight
fall short, dissipating
into misconstrued identity
Eiderdowns mask vision
like a artificial light through
tinted glass
Nothing fits properly
when it's the season
Violet hearts turn to
memories spent
search the past
to find the future

A Silly Goose Honks Again

Children of the New Earth
reign supreme
awakening after awakening
after awakening
Neither thought nor
antiquated reason can
cease this tireless
That which is beyond
continues to beckon

The nouveau
Industrial Revolution
has begun
Harness electricity, the permeating
energy of Life, and shut it
off, disrupt the configuration
cherished by Gurdjieff's
Viva la Blake's imagin'd

Benign neglect leads to
jolly joints for one
and all

Vingeanne Strikes Again

Woe betide those
who incur the wrath
of Vingeanne
you never recover
She rips your soul
to shreds and rebuilds
it in one word
She parts the clouds
allow it to penetrate
like a momentary breeze
through supple branches
it matters not when this occurs
so much to learn

The Lantern

I have never been
capable of loving you
and I never will
You have taught
me so much
I have yet to
I wish to extract
more from you
and the only way
is to give to you
May I be in your
heart, the winged essence
You are the pinnacle
the lantern
still you suffer
an example for us all

The Journey

Life is fraught with moral dilemma
Internal evaluation beckons
The journey begins and never ends
Eyes on the road
cerebrum in the sky
feet in two worlds
the fool vacillates
Pinpoint this fluctuating impact
no entrance no exit
through any means available
the morose relinquish
like no other
impulse prevails
for no other reason
Characters play as they please
wherein lies loyalty
Great Beyond
smiles and opens wide

Vingeane Defined

You are the
very thing
you worship

Vingeanne, ten thousand things

Vingeanne rips your
soul to shreds
and rebuilds it
as she
all in one

Novalis' Companion

is the marriage
of intelligence
and imagination

Every home needs
a watering can and
a dictionary
to nurture balanced


Focus on a goal, and discover
what you are willing to do, and
endure, in order to achieve it.

Pen Swinging

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No Pocket

Have my money
in one pocket
my poem
in the other
Have one to survive
the other to thrive


Nestled in her heart
I wander
with feet in two worlds
I wonder
tilling the soil, swinging my scythe
Her spell is cast
there is no turning back
Nowhere to go
you appear again
and again
roiling like a winged creature
in a windstorm
Elation elevates all around
giving birth
If love must be an image
I can think of nothing greater

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